African Parliamentary Alliance for UN Reforms

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Hon Mustafa El-Gindy
- Committee Member

Hon Mustafa El-Gindy is a former Vice President of the Pan-African Parliament, an Egyptian Member of Parliament and a Member of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament.

An international businessman, human rights activist and democracy enthusiast, he was a leader of the democratic opposition to the Mubarak regime and remains a constant advocate for good governance, the rule of law, a comprehensive program of reform and cross-cultural dialogue in Egypt. 

Throughout his career which spans work in the public, private and non-profit sectors, Hon El-Gindy has taken an active role in a range of philanthropic activities including the El-Gindy Family Foundation and Egypt’s German Universities. 

He has been robustly involved in numerous bilateral - multilateral diplomatic negotiations to foster regional peace and global stability, notably his efforts to strengthen cooperation between the nations sharing the Nile, the fostering of Public Private Partnership platforms for grass-roots communities in Uganda and Sudan, and sustainable eco-tourism practices geared at solving problems facing the Arab world. 

Hon El-Gindy is a graduate in Business Administration from the University of Cairo.